Debt Debate: Days til Default

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I’ve been asked in emails to create a forum for debate on the national debt issue (great idea, should have done it sooner), let your thoughts and opinions spill out here and I will guide the discussion. Join the cypher.

Ashley Christine


Political Cypher E-Magazine Coming Soon!

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I have realized that as a future journalist I am very disgusted with the media today and feel that there are no media outlets that give great information to my peers.

So, I have decided to create my own magazine. It will primarily be an on-line publication (my attempt at a “green” business) and will center on political and social issues surrounding urban communities. This E-Magazine will be more than a place for the men/women of this generation to receive news; it will be a place to share opinions and ideas. A place to publicly express views, beliefs, concerns, and thoughts with one another. A fundamental difference with this E-Mag is it allows you to communicate in chat rooms and “City Hall” (a virtual forum) with the writers of the articles you are responding to. This allows you to ask direct questions to the writer and pick their brains and engage in stimulating dialogue. The goal is to make news interactive and a part of the new way of life. Times are tougher and we can no longer allow “Washington” to speak for us… just maybe its time for us to speak for ourselves and remind “Washington” that they work for us.

I want to create an environment where my peers and I can learn about issues and then positively form our own opinions and share them freely. I am creating a “Social News Site”  There will be chat rooms, places for you to blog on posted articles, and open virtual forums or “city halls”.

The writers on The Political Cypher staff are diverse and attempting to find their place in this world – just as our readers. They are not all journalism students like myself. In fact, a great number are not students at all. They are real people with real questions and opinions on the state of America. From journalism students to ex-cons, hourly workers to drug dealers, and political science majors to teen parents – they all have a place on The Political Cypher staff. It’s not about having journalism experience, its about having real life experience. As the Editor I will be the first to say I don’t know everything, but I know I can explore everything with The Political Cypher.

This is the dream I am actively pursuing. I often feel naive or that I may dream too big, but I now see the doubt standing in my way. I am attempting something big, something that I hope can make my generation proud and I am asking for your support. The Political Cypher E-Magazine WILL launch soon!

If you are willing, subscribe to this blog and continue to be updated on The Political Cypher’s progress!

Also, there are still positions available on the PCM staff, remember that experience is not needed. If you have a unique taste for the world and a hunger to be involved and informed shoot me an e-mail and I will be in contact.

Thank You,

A.C. Simmons

PCM Editor

State Of Black Radio

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Congressman John Conyers (D, MI), is seeking to pass an amendment to the Performance Rights Act. The legislation currently in  place calls for radio to pay royalties for music they playj conyers. While the amendment to the Performance Rights Act will LOWER the annual royalty fee and it includes a sliding scale that will lower the fee for smaller businesses and push the payment deadlines back by 1-2 years – many minority and small broadcasting groups feel the act will still  force them out of business and end black radio as we know it.

Why would minority  broadcasters object to such an amendment that would lower fees — because it does them more harm then good…check this out….

Radio One CEO Alfred Liggins III explains the potential threat to black radio stations in an interview with where he states,

               “All the minority owned stations are in major metropolitan areas. Seventy-five percent of all African Americans live in top 50 markets, so those stations do bill over $1.25 million annually. There will be only a very few stations that meet those exemptions.” Liggins says that of the 53 stations in the Radio One portfolio, “only about three will be exempt. That threshold is going to capture 90% of all the revenue in the industry.”

Now we have reached the meat and potatoes of this issue. We all know that black sells and that for years big politics in Washington and even bigger corporations have been fattening their wallets through our urban entities and now their looking to invade radio. While Conyers coats this issue with big cuts in favor of smaller stations, the cutbacks stop just short of minority radio.

Just as Liggins stated, minority stations do pretty well, but with the high fees they will have to pay after the amendment passes they will most likely go under. Once that happens I predict we will see scenarios like Chrysler being bought by Fiat- a total loss of historical value. Urban radio will cease to exist. We already complain about our artist going “commercial” what can we expect out of music when radio stations are taken over by big corporations, or even worse labels themselves? Minority Radio Leaders are calling for consumer help to stop the amendment and would like Conyers to allow research to be carried out so that legislation can include the protection of minority and women broadcaters.

 Let me know what ya think. Are we just complaining or does Black Radio need a bailout?

Side note —-> If  record labels buy radio stations what do you think could happen to music… My thoughts later.

 P.S.  If you would like to help the stop of the amendment that will kill minority radio call and e-mail John Conyers with your concerns at 202-225-5126/313-961-5670 and

BTW…More than 50% of the revenues from the Performance Rights Act will go to profit foreign record industries i.e. not the U.S. Can we really support this type of legislation in an recession?

Pres. Obama Writes Excuse Note For 10yr Old Girl

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 Kennedy Corpus plans to frame the note President Obama gave her on request at a town hall in Green Bay, Wis., on Wednesday.


The Coolest President in U.S. history (my very bias opinion) helps a young girl to be excused from class!

Kennedy Corpus is a 10 yr old girl from Green Bay, Wisconsin- on Thursady June 11th the girl skipped school with her father to attend a town hall meeting at a neighboring high school in which Pres. Obama attended. When her father John Corpus rose to ask the president about health care reform he also stated that his daughter was missing school to attend the event and our “down-to-earth” president asked if she would need an note!

As John Corpus continued with his question, President Obama headed toward the podium where he took out a pen a proceeded to write the abscence excuse and hand delivered the letter to Kennedy. The crowd laughed and applauded and the meeting on health care continued.

The note read…

To Kennedy’s teacher: Please excuse Kennedy’s absence. She’s with me.  [signed] Barack Obama.


BTW… I love Obama… does he help with speeding tickets? Just ask’n.